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Mineral Water Bottling Plant / Sanitizer Filling Line/Bottle Sleeve Labeling Machine/ OPP/ Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine Oil Filling Machine Bleach Liquid

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Automatic grain packing machine is specially used for packing grain,this granular packing machine is designed for particle material with good fluidity. It has characters of high precision, fast speed,easy operation,high reliability,fully functional,etc, it adopts structure of vibration and flow automatically,microcomputer control, photoelectric sensor, weighing sensor, and advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sampling processing technology of anti-jamming technology, also it can automatic compensate and correct error.


  • Packing forms such as positive pressure forming, feeding, thermal sealing, tearable opening cutting, cutting, waste rejecting, finished products conveying, etc. are adopted. Featured by simple structure and convenient operation.
  • The 304 stainless steel cover is adopted, which conforms to GMP requirements. Featured by beautiful shape and convenient cleaning.
  • Frequency conversion speed adjustment, color touch screen (man-machine interface) and PLC control system are adopted. With high output, low noise, clearer and more convenient operation, and high automation degree, the machine is more user-friendly.
  • Servo motor stepless travel control is adopted. The travel adjustment is simple and mold replacement is convenient.
  • The photoelectric control is adopted. When the PVC sheet is used up or the paperboard is insufficient, buzzer alarm will be sent.
  • The whole machine adopts the split design, so as to facilitate transportation and traveling in and out the elevator.
  • The winding plastic sheet feeding device is used to save large amounts of packing materials.
  • The mold and automatic feeder can be designed according to user requirements and materials to be packed.

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